Jalta, Jalta

Hello our girls 🙂
 Helen and I finally got to spent some time in Zagreb together. I`m afraid we made only few pics:( 
As you will see I have a new coat for which I like to say it is in Blair Waldorf style 🙂 I bought a new wonderful hat. Cant wait to show it to you! So in my next post you will see my coat a bit better and the new perfect so “English” hat 🙂 We have been to a show, Croatian musical called “Jalta, Jalta” and we loved it!!
Helena took me to the Museum of broken relationships.He got the best European museum 2011 award and his home is in Croatia. It is definitely one of those that must be seen!!  Love U all  🙂 X x x 

Asos coat.
Little mermaid in the library “Marija Jurić Zagorka”.
Corner of the caffe bar inside of the museum.

The title says it all 🙂
Maybe she can teach him something?? 🙂

Made by Helena.

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