Smells like past..

Hello 🙂
I m sorry girls I don`t blog more often but I have so much going on at the moment. This pics were taken yesterday, after 10hours of studying and a 9hours shift the night before. Just when I was getting ready to go to bed my cousin called saying he will stop by, so I got dressed and baked some muffins 😉
Xo xo Lena
I know I wear  this Primark sweater a lot, but I simply love it!
Miss Selfridge dress; Accessories bracelet; Necklace was a gift 
Going through some old memories..

Dodaj naslov

Primark shoes

3 thoughts on “Smells like past..

  1. draga Lena hvala na javljanju 🙂 Jos sam, ali puno obaveza i ne stizem postovati i pratiti blogove.. uskoro nadam se :***

    Eh.. da dodjes pa da u moru ovih dzidzabidza pronadjes nesto za sebe 🙂

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